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Hi, I live on the peninsula and usually hike a couple times a week. I'm looking for new places to hike, so maybe this group will help.

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  • Muir Woods and Marin Hiking
  • Group description: hiking in Muir Woods and other nearby areas. There is even a trail with a small bar at the end of it - join us!
  • Bay Area Outdoor Volunteering
  • Group description: This group is for people who want to be active and participate in helping to build trails, sustainable farming projects, planting trees, and working with other outdoor organizations and parks.

Hikes attended by Rex

  • San Francisco Hilltop Tour
  • Hike description: Great for ALL LEVELS of hiker! A popular favorite, we sample all the great views from San Francisco\'s central hills. Hikers are encouraged to do any portion of the hike, stopping to do other city-things when they\'ve had enough, or catching a bus or calling a cab--you can even join us along the way if you call and track us down en route. The entire loop is 13 miles and goes from Bernal Hill to Holly Park, Glen Canyon, Mount Davidson, Twin Peaks, Tank Hill, Monument Hill, the Vulcan and Saturn Steps, Corona Heights with the Castro, Dolores Park and the wild murals of Clarion Alley on the way back to Bernal. This will be the fourth time Mike has led this hike.\r\nThe route is similar to this: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Ellsworth+St&daddr=Unknown+road+to:Esmeralda+Ave+to:Elsie+St+to:Unknown+road+to:37.74304,-122.44537+to:37.7454984,-122.4463794+to:37.74606,-122.44726+to:37.746284,-122.4433892+to:37.7469013,-122.4450711+to:Portola+Dr+to:37.738394,-122.453243+to:Tw...
  • Deeper into the woods
  • Hike description: This is not a real hike. I created it to test our software
  • Escape From Downtown - First Summer Hike
  • Hike description: Lets turn our hectic and cranky commutes into a social event that is also exercise. It will be the first day of summer and a nice time to leave work. We will walk towards the Richmond district and people can drop off wherever they live, or walk all the way towards the end, and go for a drink or dinner with the remaining people on the walk.
  • Backpack Photography Trip to Snow Mtn.Wilderness 6/17-18-19
  • Hike description: Weather-permitting we will see abundant wildflowers, star-filled night skies, full moon.\\r\\nHike from Summit Spring Trailhead in the Mendocino National Forest through the Snow Mountain Wilderness. 4 miles and about 2,000 feet elevation gain to the Summit Basin campsite. About 2 more miles and a few hundred more feet elevation to reach the East summit. Friday night - night sky photo opportunity. Saturday explore the mountain and photograph the wildflowers. Break camp about 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning to be back in the Bay Area before dark.

Hikes Led by Rex

  • Sam McDonald County Park dayhike Tuesday
  • Hike description: Come join us in this park just west of La Honda. We'll hike up and down the trails and fire roads of this lesser-known area, which is part of the Portola/Pescadero Creek/Memorial Park complex. Restrooms available at the start. $6 parking fee (seniors free). Back at the carpools by 4pm. Carpool: 10am Homestead Square shopping center, next to Homestead Square sign on Homestead Rd., Cupertino or 10:15am Edgewood Rd. & I280 Park & Ride west of Redwood City Drive yourself: meet 11am in Sam McDonald main parking lot. From 101 or 280: Take Highway 84 (Woodside Rd.) west to La Honda. Turn left 1/2 mile past village center in La Honda onto Pescadero Road. The park entrance is on Pescadero Road 6 miles from the turn-off. Park website: http://www.co.sanmateo.ca.us/portal/site/parks/menuitem.f13bead76123ee4482439054d17332a0/?vgnextoid=e87bc8909231e110VgnVCM1000001d37230aRCRD&cpsextcurrchannel=1
  • Sanborn County Park to Castle Rock State Park and back
  • Hike description: This hike is a long uphill to the top at Skyline Blvd, over to a bit of Castle Rock State Park, then back the same way. When entering the park, pay $6 at the machine. Keep left, then turn right into the first parking lot up the hill, near the restroom. Drinking water available at the start. Carpooling locations: 10:30am at Homestead Square shopping center near the Homestead Square sign on Homestead Rd., Cupertino 10am at Edgewood Rd. & I280 Park & Ride west of Redwood City 10:50am at the park
  • Wunderlich County Park just west of Woodside
  • Hike description: Meet: 10:10am at the Edgewood Rd. & I280 park & ride 10:30am at the main Wunderlich parking lot off Hwy. 84 (Woodside Rd) just west of Woodside or contact Bruce about meeting in Cupertino bruce@oatc.com or 408-253-1514
  • Huddart County Park
  • Hike description: I'm feeling like a lucky gambler after beating the rain last Tuesday, so let's try again. If we stay in Huddart, there's not a lot of mud. Join us for a great hike just outside the town of Woodside. Bring a lunch or snack, and your favorite beverage. Park info: http://www.eparks.net/smc/department/home/0,,5556687_12313305_12328471,00.html Meeting locations: Edgewood P&R 10am At the park 10:30am To meet us at the park: just beyond the entrance booth, pay your $5 fee using the envelope (seniors are free weekdays, but fill out the envelope). Then take the second right and park near the restrooms.
  • Castle Rock waterfall hike
  • Hike description: Meet: 10am at Edgewood Rd. & I280 Park & Ride or 10:15am in Cupertino in the Homestead Square shopping center near the Homestead Square sign on Homestead Rd. or 10:45am at the main entrance 2.5 miles south of the junction of Hwy 35 and 9 ($8 to park in the lot, or you can park along the road outside at no cost)
  • Windy Hill dayhike
  • Hike description: Here's a great hike starting near the town of Portola Valley, then heading up to the top of Windy Hill near Skyline Blvd. Mostly shaded. Bring lunch and beverage, and adequate clothing as it will probably be cold, especially at the top. Meet:10am at Edgewood Rd. & I280 Park & Ride 10:15am at the park at the main parking lot on Portola Rd. in Portola Valley (gate WH05) contact Bruce about carpooling from Cupertino bruce@oatc.com or 408-253-1514
  • Rancho San Antonio Tuesday hike
  • Hike description: This hike near Cupertino, in one of the most popular parks on the peninsula/south bay, offers great views of the bay area. Bring plenty of your favorite beverage, sun protection, and lunch or a snack. We'll hike to the bench at the top of the PG&E trail. Directions: From 280 just north of 85, take Foothill Blvd. toward the hills, right at the first light onto Cristo Rey Dr., then around and out the far side of the traffic circle. Turn left when you see the sign for Rancho San Antonio County Park. Follow the entrance road to the right past several parking areas, then left down the hill to a bigger parking area. If that's full, park in one of the lots back up the hill.
  • Tuesday hike
  • Hike description: Henry Coe is the second-largest state park in California. Thanks to Ann for suggesting this park east of Morgan Hill for a change. This will be a 9-miler with about 1500' of elevation gain. We'll explore several of the trails in the western section. Bring a pole for creek crossing, lunch, plenty of water or other suitable hiking beverage, shoes with good traction, and a jacket or suitable clothing in case it's cold and/or windy. Meeting locations: 10am Edgewood P&R 10:30 Homestead Square in Cupertino
  • Tuesday hike
  • Hike description: Meet 10am Edgewood P&R near, 10am Homestead Square shopping center Cupertino, 10:15 Page Mill P&R, or 10:30 at Orchard Glen picnic area in the park.\r\n\r\nWater and restrooms at the start.\r\n \r\npark map: http://www.cityofpaloalto.org/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=8505\r\n\r\nback to Page Mill & I280 by 3:30.
  • Pulgas Ridge/Edgewood Tuesday hike
  • Hike description: Here's my tried and true hike for threatening weather. Showers or rain are expected Tuesday, so I've picked this two-parter in case it becomes more than showers. Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve and Edgewood County Park hike Tue February 15 10:30am-3pm 4 or 8 miles, 800 or 1600 feet elevation gain Meet 10am at Homestead Square shopping center in Cupertino. Meet next to Homestead Rd. near the Homestead Square sign. or meet 10:30am at the Pulgas Ridge parking lot (directions below) Edgewood County Park info http://www.co.sanmateo.ca.us/smc/department/home/0,,5556687_12305995_12328420,00.html Pulgas Ridge info http://openspace.org/preserves/pr_pulgas_ridge.asp Here's a great combination hike, with gentler trails than I typically lead. We'll start at Pulgas Ridge, where we'll hike up, down and around through this Open Space preserve. Then we'll head across Edgewood Rd. to Edgewood Park, where we'll have lunch near the restrooms. After lunch, we'll hike up around the rid...
  • Almaden Quicksilver County Park
  • Hike description: This is a test.

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  • USS San Francisco Memorial
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  • Cabrillo Playground
  • Bercut Equitation Field
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  • Fulton Playground
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  • Baker Beach State Park
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  • Pine Lake Park
  • Kahn Playground
  • Lone Mountain
  • Larsen Park
  • Sutro Forest
  • Mount Sutro
  • Ignatius Heights
  • Laurel Hill Playground
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  • Gerbode Valley
  • Presidio Heights Playground
  • Grattan Playground
  • Midtown Terrace Recreation Center
  • Panhandle

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