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Friday April 1 2011
San Francisco Hilltop Tour

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745 Cortland Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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745 Cortland Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110
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This Hike is Cancelled

Hike Description:

Great for ALL LEVELS of hiker! A popular favorite, we sample all the great views from San Francisco\'s central hills. Hikers are encouraged to do any portion of the hike, stopping to do other city-things when they\'ve had enough, or catching a bus or calling a cab--you can even join us along the way if you call and track us down en route. The entire loop is 13 miles and goes from Bernal Hill to Holly Park, Glen Canyon, Mount Davidson, Twin Peaks, Tank Hill, Monument Hill, the Vulcan and Saturn Steps, Corona Heights with the Castro, Dolores Park and the wild murals of Clarion Alley on the way back to Bernal. This will be the fourth time Mike has led this hike.
The route is similar to this: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Ellsworth+St&daddr=Unknown+road+to:Esmeralda+Ave+to:Elsie+St+to:Unknown+road+to:37.74304,-122.44537+to:37.7454984,-122.4463794+to:37.74606,-122.44726+to:37.746284,-122.4433892+to:37.7469013,-122.4450711+to:Portola+Dr+to:37.738394,-122.453243+to:Twin+Peaks+Blvd+to:Twin+Peaks+Blvd+to:Upper+Terrace+to:Saturn+St+to:Vulcan+Stairway+to:Unknown+road+to:Unknown+road+to:Clarion+Alley+to:Cortland+Ave&hl=en&geocode=FarZPwIdtRm0-A%3BFSHqPwIdmRq0-A%3BFXTqPwId9A60-A%3BFRrWPwId9gK0-A%3BFXDaPwIdrbKz-A%3BFcDpPwIdxqGz-CmfT_QOdX6PgDGQdmVxWJ4zxw%3BFVrzPwId1Z2z-CmVV0egCn6PgDEdkVy0jDH7-w%3BFYz1PwIdZJqz-Ck7FKAm4H2PgDEjr398Bboq8A%3BFWz2PwIdg6mz-Cnx-XsvC36PgDH5z_HofZ6XTw%3BFdX4PwId8aKz-CklUIXtCn6PgDHZZM8HPwg0lQ%3BFcz2PwIdIJiz-A%3BFZrXPwIdBYOz-A%3BFWAIQAIdwJiz-A%3BFWQpQAIdlJmz-A%3BFaY5QAIdh6Gz-A%3BFbE2QAIdbLKz-A%3BFbw5QAIdcLGz-A%3BFdI_QAId6biz-A%3BFTgrQAIdwOiz-A%3BFaI3QAIdzwG0-A%3BFZfZPwIdDRm0-A&mra=ls&via=5,6,7,8,9&dirflg=w&sll=37.739775,-122.411331&sspn=0.004539,0.010917&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=15\\

First time posting on comehike.com!

Mike\'s hike group description: http://kermitbubbleboy.net/temp/Mikes_Hike_Facts/HIKE_FACTS.html

Recommended Clothing:

Light Layers, good shoes for pavement, trails and steps. Sneakers are fine, as are hiking boots.

Recommended Food:

A gazillion options along the way, we generally stop at the top of Market Street, where there is a burrito place, pizza, cafe, the Tower Market, Starbucks...

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Dogs Allowed:


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