Hiking First Aid Kit

For many people, safety and things like first aid kits are mere afterthoughts when going on hikes. It is unpleasant to think of injuries or getting hurt. It is always good to consider safety and be prepared for the unexpected. The first step in being prepared is to think ahead about what kind of injuries may be common on your trip.

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Common Walking Injuries

Whether you are walking in a city or on a trail somewhere in wilderness, the ground is never perfectly even. Although walking is one of the safest forms of exercise, there is always risk of a misstep twisting your ankle. If the twisting of your ankle is bad, there is nothing you can bring in your first aid kit that will really help you other than some pain relievers such as maybe Tylenol. If the sprain or twisting of the ankle is not severe, simply resting for 10 minutes can make most of the discomfort go away and you can resume your hike.

For injuries like twisted ankles, probably the best approach is to aim to prevent them by simply being careful, and wearing shoes that help to stabilize your ankle. For more ideas on the types of shoes to wear during your hikes, take a look at our hiking foot ware page.