Hiking Shorts

Wearing shorts on a hiking trip is very exciting. It usually means that the weather has become so good that shorts can be worn and our legs can even get a little tan on them. There are still a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding on whether to wear shorts or pants on your hike.

Pants Protect Better Against Injury

If you do decide to wear shorts, be mindful of your safety. Pants can often soften the blow against your legs if you fall. They are especially more protective of your knees in case you slip and fall forward. Also, be more careful if getting your legs scratched up by low-growing vegetation like bushes and shrubs, especially if there are plants like poison ivy that grow in the area where you will be hiking.

Hiking Nature Photo

Hiking Shorts

The shorts we are featuring come in light and dark colors, natural SPF protection, and are made to dry quickly. The shorts come with large multi-functional pockets to help you carry more with you on your trips.

Hiking Pants That Convert Into Shorts

You may want to take a look at some pants that are made for hiking, which give you the ability to unzip the bottom of the pant legs to convert the pants into shorts. We also have a page dedicated to hiking pants to give some ideas which pants may be better for hiking. Some of those pants can turn into shorts, saving you the money from what otherwise would be two purchases: one for pants and one for shorts. Here is an example of pants that can turn into shorts.

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