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I'm appreciative of what's around us, near and distant...am especialy attracted to hot springs and waterfalls. Am in good walking condition, but take time to take in the flora, fauna, and whom I'm with. From a few footsteps jaunt to a 5 - 10 up and down miles...count me in!

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  • Yosemite NP This Weekend!
  • Hike description: There are 2, with 2 different days and times: Chilnualna Falls Friday AM; A rather uphill, 4 mile one-way hike to outrageous flowing water not normally seen in Yosemite, plus fishing for true "gems"...gorgeous, natural Rainbow trout in pools above the Falls. All "jewels" experience CPR: Catch, Photograph, and Release. Come Saturday: One of the best, best views in all of the Yosemite Valley area, without having to ascend Half Dome: Sentinel Dome instead! It's a 1.5 mile, quite easy-to-moderate-at-the-end stroll/hike...sssshhhhh! Keep this one close to you...so much worth the bit of effort!

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Latitude: 37.218773 | Longitude: -121.582664

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  • Pacheco Canyon
  • Mount Sizer
  • Anderson Lake County Park
  • Shingle Valley
  • Cordoza Canyon
  • Clarks Canyon
  • North Fork Otis Canyon
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  • Otis Canyon
  • Soda Springs Canyon
  • Jackson Oaks Park
  • Kelly Cabin Canyon
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  • Halls Valley
  • Tulare Hill
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  • Laguna Seca Community Garden
  • Alvirez Field
  • Ivy Canyon
  • Los Paseos Park
  • Upper San Antonio Valley
  • CaƱada Garcia

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