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Sounds like a good trip, but a bit too far for me since I am in SF.

Friday June 24 2011
Yosemite NP This Weekend!

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Location Wawona Campground, in the Park
7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Not Set
Feet of Elevation
Not Set
Meeting Address
Wawona Campground, in the Park
Contact Phone
408 - 828 - 3348

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Hike Description:

There are 2, with 2 different days and times: Chilnualna Falls Friday AM; A rather uphill, 4 mile one-way hike to outrageous flowing water not normally seen in Yosemite, plus fishing for true "gems"...gorgeous, natural Rainbow trout in pools above the Falls. All "jewels" experience CPR: Catch, Photograph, and Release.

Come Saturday: One of the best, best views in all of the Yosemite Valley area, without having to ascend Half Dome: Sentinel Dome instead! It's a 1.5 mile, quite easy-to-moderate-at-the-end stroll/hike...sssshhhhh! Keep this one close to you...so much worth the bit of effort!

Recommended Clothing:

OK, it's 7 AM/ 1 PM for Chilnualna Falls Friday and it will be 9 AM to 12 Noon for Sentinel Dome Saturday. Clothing is based on what you'd expect to experience at that elevation this time of year...eventual warming...probably too cold to swim, but bring a hat.

Recommended Food:

Delightful snacks, with emphasis on being wet and wild...it may be warming up as the day goes on.

Cancellation Condition:

None at all, unless the Apocalypse occurs...then again, if so, this should be where we\'d want to meet!

Dogs Allowed:


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