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We are a small group in Napa with a regular monthy hike in and around the North Bay area. Annandale park this month and a winery hike tour and tasting in May.

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  • Lawndale Ca. Annadel State Park
  • Hike description: We'll hike up the Lawndale Trail to Ledson Marsh, then take the Marsh Trail to the junction with Two Quarry Trail where we'll have a snack. After, we’ll continue on the Marsh Trail past Buick Meadow to the Ridge Trail which will take us back around the marsh. 3 hours
  • Oat Hill Mine Road and the Palisades
  • Hike description: Introduction\r\nThe palisades are beautiful, and this hike offers gorgeous views of it and the Calistoga valley. This hike simply goes up to Robert Louis Stevenson park or Down from the park to the Pizza place at the trailhead. This makes it easy to offer several hiking options - people can simply turn around when they are tired. The grade is fairly easy on the knees but undulates across the front of the palisades.\r\n\r\nExtra Items:\r\n\r\nMost of this hike is exposed to the sun. We recommend doing it during winter, or on cool days <65F. Bring 3-4 22oz water bottles each for 65 degree weather. Seriously! Wear sturdy hiking boots, the palisades trail is not well worn and is rocky in places. If you have them, bring 2-way radios so the fast + slow groups can keep in touch.\r\n\r\nHiking options:\r\n◾Carpool: Add 2 hours to each of these times to cover carpooling + lunch + hike intro.\r\n◾Short hike to bald hill: 2 hours 45 mins. 5.7 miles, 1300ft gain/loss.\r\n◾Medium hike to Pali...

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Latitude: 38.403008 | Longitude: -122.220009

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