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Saturday April 20 2013
Oat Hill Mine Road and the Palisades

Organized by
Dean Alm

La Prima Pizza on the corner of Hwy 29 and Silverado drive in Napa county
8:45 AM - 4:00 PM
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La Prima Pizza on the corner of Hwy 29 and Silverado drive in Napa county
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Hiking Route: Palisades

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Approximate route statistics:

Please note that Mileage and Cumulative Elevation Gain are approximate, and are shown FOR REFERENCE ONLY. The actual numbers will be 10-50% higher, depending how accurately hike organizer plotted the route. Unless you can walk - no, FLY! - a perfect straight line!

Hiking Route Description:

The normal oat hill mine hikes are up and back. The full palisades hike is is a 1-way hike, you'll need cars at both ends. We hope to have one group going each way, switching keys in the middle. Some hikers may choose to hike the Oat hill Mine or Table rock only.

Hike Description:

The palisades are beautiful, and this hike offers gorgeous views of it and the Calistoga valley. This hike simply goes up to Robert Louis Stevenson park or Down from the park to the Pizza place at the trailhead. This makes it easy to offer several hiking options - people can simply turn around when they are tired. The grade is fairly easy on the knees but undulates across the front of the palisades.

Extra Items:

Most of this hike is exposed to the sun. We recommend doing it during winter, or on cool days <65F. Bring 3-4 22oz water bottles each for 65 degree weather. Seriously! Wear sturdy hiking boots, the palisades trail is not well worn and is rocky in places. If you have them, bring 2-way radios so the fast + slow groups can keep in touch.

Hiking options:
◾Carpool: Add 2 hours to each of these times to cover carpooling + lunch + hike intro.
◾Short hike to bald hill: 2 hours 45 mins. 5.7 miles, 1300ft gain/loss.
◾Medium hike to Palisades trailhead / holmes house: 3 hours 45 mins, 8.1 miles, 1800ft gain/loss,
◾Long hike to rocky outcropping: 5 hours, 10.7 miles, 2500ft gain/loss

1-Way hikes:
◾Carpool: These hikes have never been done. Need permission for some private property. Carpool is MUCH longer to drop off/pick up cars.
◾1-way hike to Aetna Springs road: Est ~4 hours, ~6.8 miles, 2432ft gain, 496ft loss.
◾1-way hike to Oat hill mine road: Est ~5 hours, ~8.9 miles, 2507ft gain, 1091ft loss.

Recommended Clothing:

Layers, hat, hiking boots or shoes

Recommended Food:

Lots of water, backpack for clothes and water, light snacks or lunch, plan for dinner and a beer or wine after the hike.

Cancellation Condition:

Dogs Allowed:


Hike Start Location/Trailhead Details


No Park Name

Trailhead Name:

Oat Hill Mine


La Prima Pizza is Just across from the base of the Oat Hill Mine Rd.



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Wheelchair Accessible:

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