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Why I hike: Hiking allows your genuine, unpretentious self to emerge. You're not just looking at the scenery - you ARE PART of the scenery: acknowledging, interacting, discovering. Kudos to Alex for encouraging us to remain connected to our natural communities!

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  • Winter Snowshoe Hikes/Campouts
  • Group description: If you own snowshoes and/or enjoy backcountry nordic skiing, this group might be for you. I'd like to plan Truckee/Tahoe snowshoe hikes (maybe also up north towards Lassen) this season 2010-2011. Members are not expected to be triathletes, but should be sufficiently fit to handle cold weather challenges. As excursions may include overnighters, I'd like to invite those who are conservation-minded and wouldn't think twice about picking up garbage they might see on the trail. Weekday trips are also in the works.

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Hikes Led by GigiS

  • Tahoe/Truckee Snowshoe Hike Dec. 16-17
  • Hike description: Last minute weekday snowshoeing trip for Thurs. Dec 16th, staying overnight in Truckee, and then leaving Friday 17th. I'd like to snowshoe to Peter Grubb Hut (~ 6 miles R/T) from Donner Summit on Thurs. (see pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/47826145@N07/sets/72157623372466903/show/). Then leave early on Friday, and do another hike either along the West side of the lake or back up along the 80 corridor. Limiting this trip to 4 people, max 2 cars (incl. mine) as that is the limit for parking at my condo. Unfortunately, I live near Calistoga, so unless you live nearby, you'll have to carpool w/ others. Overnight accommodations will be camping style - bring your own sleeping bag and mat. We'll be staying at my unfurnished condo in Central Truckee. This is not open to beginner outdoorspeople, and you should have your own gear ready (there isn't time to stop somewhere to rent your showshoes or buy winter gear at REI), be in decent cardiovascular condition, as well as bright-eyed a...

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Latitude: 37.780182 | Longitude: -122.517349

50 Parks Near User Location

  • USS San Francisco Memorial
  • Sutro Heights Park
  • Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden
  • Cabrillo Playground
  • Bercut Equitation Field
  • Lands End National Recreation Area
  • James D Phelan Beach State Park
  • Fulton Playground
  • Rochambeau Playground
  • Baker Beach State Park
  • Argonne Playground
  • Richmond Playground
  • George Washington Bicentennial Grove
  • Sunset Recreation Center
  • Sunset Playground
  • Strawberry Hill
  • Rob Hill
  • Redwood Memorial Grove
  • The Presidio
  • Mountain Lake Park
  • Japanese Tea Garden
  • Strybing Arboretum
  • Music Concourse
  • Shakespeare Garden
  • Arguello Park
  • Grand View Park
  • Presidio Hill
  • South Sunset Playground
  • Marin Headlands State Park
  • Mount Coppin Square
  • Rossi Playground
  • Hawk Hill
  • Sunset Heights Park
  • Kezar Stadium
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Murphy Playground
  • Pine Lake Park
  • Kahn Playground
  • Lone Mountain
  • Larsen Park
  • Sutro Forest
  • Mount Sutro
  • Ignatius Heights
  • Laurel Hill Playground
  • Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove
  • Gerbode Valley
  • Presidio Heights Playground
  • Grattan Playground
  • Midtown Terrace Recreation Center
  • Panhandle

Cities To Hike Nearby

  • Fort Winfield Scott
  • San Francisco
  • Sausalito
  • Daly City
  • Marin City
  • Waldo
  • Financial District
  • Broadmoor Village
  • Muir Beach
  • Broadmoor
  • Tamalpais-Homestead Valley
  • Belvedere
  • Belverde
  • Tamalpais Valley Junction
  • Tamalpais Valley
  • Harbor Point
  • Tiburon
  • Almonte
  • Hilarita
  • Fort McDowell

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