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Thursday December 16 2010
Tahoe/Truckee Snowshoe Hike Dec. 16-17

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8:00 AM
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Winter Snowshoe Hikes/Campouts
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(707) 809-5299

This Hike is Cancelled

Hike Description:

Last minute weekday snowshoeing trip for Thurs. Dec 16th, staying overnight in Truckee, and then leaving Friday 17th. I'd like to snowshoe to Peter Grubb Hut (~ 6 miles R/T) from Donner Summit on Thurs. (see pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/47826145@N07/sets/72157623372466903/show/). Then leave early on Friday, and do another hike either along the West side of the lake or back up along the 80 corridor.

Limiting this trip to 4 people, max 2 cars (incl. mine) as that is the limit for parking at my condo. Unfortunately, I live near Calistoga, so unless you live nearby, you'll have to carpool w/ others. Overnight accommodations will be camping style - bring your own sleeping bag and mat. We'll be staying at my unfurnished condo in Central Truckee. This is not open to beginner outdoorspeople, and you should have your own gear ready (there isn't time to stop somewhere to rent your showshoes or buy winter gear at REI), be in decent cardiovascular condition, as well as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to get up at 6AM (or earlier to drive to a destination) to avail of limited winter daylight hours. Contact ggstahl-atgmaildotcom only if you're 99% sure to go. We'll communicate then to arrange for a meeting place.

$10 fee for overnighter.

Recommended Clothing:

I usually wear a waterproof shell, then fleece and other synthetic layers beneath. Cotton gets wet and stays wet (thereby making you lose heat) so avoid it at all costs. A thick down jacket will keep you warm in the first 5 min. and then will roast you for the rest of the hike. So keep the thick jackets for non-hiking activities. Obviously - snowshoes and poles. Personal toiletries, sleeping bag and mat for the overnighter at the condo. You can bring your own food or eat out. There will be a $10 fee for the overnighter.

Recommended Food:

Cancellation Condition:

Please call or leave a msg. by Wed. 9pm (and no later) if you need to cancel.

Dogs Allowed:


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