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Julia Contaldi

Hi! I am a professional high altitude fitness coach and live in Mammoth Lakes, Ca. Im looking to create hiking groups of various levels from beginner to backcountry expert. I would love to show you the beautiful Eastern SIerra, but please remember we are at 9,000. feet elevation, so lets make sure r hikes are not too hard on you if u live at sea level. Please feel free to contact me if you are coming into the Mammoth Area and would like to hike the area!

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  • Hike Mammoth Lakes!
  • Group description: wish to create hiking groups that will explore the Mammoth Lakes Basin area. Various established hiking trails from beginner to high altitude conditioned trail hound! Contact me on Twitter or Myspace @SierraJewel! Lets go hike!!!

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  • Saturday Afternoon fun hike
  • Hike description: lets have some fun post lunch and explore the hot creek geothermal area and canyon. could possibly hike from the first driveway to the closed off hot springs area and back. Hike into canyon can be challenging! Better suited for kids 7+

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Latitude: 37.582264 | Longitude: -118.836372

50 Parks Near User Location

  • Mono Jim Peak
  • McGee Mountain
  • Mount Morrison
  • Mount Aggie
  • Laurel Mountain
  • Esha Canyon
  • Mount Baldwin
  • Bloody Mountain
  • Red Slate Mountain
  • Mount Crocker
  • Little Round Valley
  • Watterson Canyon
  • Red and White Mountain
  • Little Antelope Valley
  • Mammoth Creek Park
  • Shady Rest Park
  • Mount Izaak Walton
  • Mount Hopkins
  • Mount Huntington
  • Gilbert Peak
  • Long Canyon
  • Cascade Valley
  • Panorama Dome
  • Mammoth Knolls
  • Fourth Recess
  • Sand Canyon
  • Crystal Crag
  • Third Recess
  • Whisky Canyon
  • Mono Rock
  • Dry Creek Knoll
  • Little Lakes Valley
  • Earthquake Dome
  • Second Recess
  • Mammoth Mountain
  • Mount Starr
  • First Recess
  • Devils Top
  • Wilfred Canyon
  • Double Peak
  • Red Cones
  • Graveyard Peak
  • Pumice Butte
  • O'Harrel Canyon
  • Round Valley Peak
  • Sharktooth Peak
  • Alpers Canyon
  • Volcanic Knob
  • Mount Mills
  • Minaret Summit

Cities To Hike Nearby

  • Whitmore Hot Springs
  • South Landing
  • North Landing
  • Aspen Springs
  • Old Mammoth
  • Toms Place
  • Mammoth Lakes
  • Mill City (historical)
  • Benton Crossing
  • Lake Mary
  • Crestview
  • Mesa Camp
  • Scheelite
  • Rovana
  • Round Valley
  • June Lake
  • June Lake Junction
  • Alta Vista
  • Mono Hot Springs
  • Mono Mills

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