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I like longer hikes... I try to stay out of state parks because I have to kids that are furry and have 4 legs. I am a trail blazer for sure. I may slow down due to wind or when miss thing gets a liitle tired. My average speed is about 4.3 MPH. I prefer mornings when it is warm. I have been known to hit the trail at 5:30 a.m. to keep my girls from getting too hot. I do a hike every day. I am usually on the Las Llajas trail, since it is nice, know alot of the people using the trail and its a nice quick desent easy in 3 miles and than back out. A couple days a week... we do the Las Llajas, Chumash loop. If its not too warm, takes me and my girls 2hr and 15 mins.

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Latitude: 34.275112 | Longitude: -118.709541

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  • Rancho Santa Susana Community Park
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  • Simi Valley
  • Arroyo Stow Park
  • Tapo Canyon
  • Las Llajas Canyon
  • Chivo Canyon
  • Runkle Canyon
  • Atherwood Park
  • Berylwood Park
  • Gillibrand Canyon
  • Knolls Park
  • Santa Susana County Park
  • Citrus Grove Park
  • Rancho Simi Community Park
  • Tripas Canyon
  • Iron Trough Canyon
  • Chatsworth Peak
  • Chatsworth Reservoir Park
  • Bus Canyon
  • Lone Oak Canyon
  • El Toro Canyon
  • Chatsworth Oaks Park
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  • Dayton Canyon
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  • Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center Park
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  • Garden of the Gods
  • Bell Canyon Park
  • Taxco Trails Park
  • Alamos Canyon
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  • Knapp Ranch Park
  • Mae Boyar Recreation Center
  • Browns Creek Park
  • Lang Ranch Open Space
  • Laskey Mesa
  • Parthenia Park
  • Las Virgenes Canyon
  • Oakbrook Regional Park
  • Oak Canyon Community Park

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