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Erika Mcleod

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  • Amazon HIking and Adventure Group
  • Group description: Fairfield, CA based Women's Hiking & Outdoor Adventure Group! The Amazon Group is a group for meeting other Women in their 20's and 30's who enjoy hiking, outdoors, and fitness. This group is for healthy/fit women who love to be outdoors and enjoy activities like: Hiking, backpacking, river-rafting, kayaking, and camping! Whether you are an experienced hiker or have never hiked before, join us! Other events include girl's night outs, hanging out, and day trips to fun new places. We also often stop at nearby places for good brews, food and conversation after hikes. Have fun while getting fit! Make new friends! Take time out of your busy life and get outside, and meet new people.

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Latitude: 38.288925 | Longitude: -122.004181

50 Parks Near User Location

  • Laurel Creek Park
  • Tolenas Park
  • Tabor Park
  • Quail Glen Park
  • Lee Bell Park
  • Vaca Valley
  • Mankas Park
  • Cherry Glen
  • Lagoon Valley
  • Crystal Swim Center
  • Beelard Park
  • Alamo Creek Park
  • Meadowlands Park
  • Andrews Park
  • Suisun Hill
  • Trower Park
  • Patwin Park
  • North Orchard Park
  • Suisun Valley
  • Drakes Point
  • Stone Trough Canyon
  • Luco Hill
  • Steele Canyon
  • Okell Hill
  • Ephlin Hill
  • Joice Island State Game Refuge
  • Government Trail Canyon
  • Gordon Valley
  • Dunns Peak
  • Lemon Hill
  • Steiger Hill
  • Bull Hill
  • Seventy Acre Canyon
  • Mount Vaca
  • Kirby Hill
  • Jameson Canyon
  • Wild Horse Valley
  • Putnam Peak
  • Elkhorn Peak
  • Mount George
  • Kreuse Canyon
  • Hopkins Ravine
  • Lucol Hollow
  • Pleasants Valley
  • East Bull Canyon
  • West Bull Canyon
  • Sulphur Springs Mountain
  • Clank Hollow
  • Shurtleff Park
  • Camille Park

Cities To Hike Nearby

  • Tolenas
  • Vanden (historical)
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  • Fairfield
  • Fairfield
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