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During the winter months, Rosie can be found chasing litters of puppies, scooping poop, and managing to stay upright (most of the time) behind a team of Alaskan Huskies. In the summer of 2010, she got a chance to meander, slog, roam, navigate, tumble, and hike along the Pacific Crest Trail for five, awe-inspiring months. Founded and guides for Roam the Woods.

Organizer for These Hiking Groups

  • Roam the Woods: Women Specific Backpacking
  • Group description: Get Trail Smart! Roam offers one and two week backpacking learning vacations for women. We utilize National Parks and Wilderness areas across the U.S. as our "classroom". Have you ever wanted to see glacier fed lakes, long distance trails, dormant volcanoes, waterfalls, lush meadows, mountain streams, awe inspiring peaks…and have the confidence to accept every lesson Mother Nature provides? Roam will show you the way! Visit: www.roamthewoods.com for more information

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Hikes Led by RoamtheWoods

  • Girlfriend Get Away: Trinity Alps Wilderness Area, Northern California
  • Hike description: Get a chance to gain a solid foundation of backpacking skills while exploring lush meadows, alpine lakes, glacier fed creeks, and awe-inspiring mountains. The hiking itinerary is manageable, so we can enjoy ourselves in this gorgeous alpine environment! Go to: http://roamthewoods.com/Trinity.html for more details or www.roamthewoods.com
  • Girlfriend\'s Retreat: Sister\'s Wilderness Area Two Week Backpacking Trek, Central Oregon
  • Hike description: A two week backpacking adventure through the Sisters Wilderness Area in Oregon. Hike through lava fields, lush meadows, glacier fed creeks, clear alpine ponds, and amazing snow capped mountains. You will come away from this adventure recharged and with the confidence and skills to embark on your own outdoor endeavors solo or with friends.\r\n\r\nFor more details: http://roamthewoods.com/Sisters%20Loop.html or www.roamthewoods.com. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the organizer.
  • Girlfriend Getaway: Columbia River Gorge Backpacking Adventure, Portland, OR
  • Hike description: Get ready to enjoy views of gorgeous Mt. Hood as we set off from Timberline Lodge. We will pass through some glacier fed river crossings on the way to Cascade Locks via the Pacific Crest Trail, so get ready to get your shoes wet and learn a new skill! The highlight of the trip will be veering off of the Pacific Crest Trail to wander down the Eagle Creek Trail known for its countless water falls. We will finish the week in Cascade Locks.
  • Girlfriend Getaway: Fall on the Appalachian Trail, North Georgia
  • Hike description: A week long backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail. Our journey will lead us to warm, breezy vistas and nights will be umbrellaed by skies full of stars. There is also the opportunity to catch the sites of beautiful waterfalls, the changing of the leaves (leaf peeping), black bears, and other wildlife. You will walk away from this experience with a better knowledge of the outdoors, and newfound hiking partners.
  • Girlfriend Getaway: Lassen Volcanic National Park Week Long Backpacking Adventure
  • Hike description: Come join us for the week in Lassen National Park. The southernmost portion of the Cascade Range will be our classroom for the week. Enjoy solitude and camaraderie in a back country few wander into, while reveling in the awe-inspiring geologic features Lassen is home to. Please contact the organizer for more details or visit www.roamthewoods.com.

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Latitude: 31.985811 | Longitude: -81.086502

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  • Memorial Stadium
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  • Wormsloe State Historic Site
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  • Skidaway Island State Park
  • Butter Bean Beach
  • Laroche Park
  • Hull Park
  • La Vida Country Club
  • Solomons Park
  • Nathaniel Greene Park
  • Grayson Stadium
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  • Ardsley Park
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  • Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent Historic District
  • Guckenheimer Park
  • Baldwin Park
  • Savannah Yacht and Country Club
  • Avondale Park
  • Cann Park
  • Myers Park
  • Juliette Low Park
  • Live Oak Park
  • Wells Park
  • Thompson Recreation Center
  • Savannah Victorian Historic District
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  • Whitefield Square
  • Savannah Country Club
  • Calhoun Square
  • Monterey Square
  • Chatham Square
  • Troup Square
  • Lafayette Square
  • Juliette Gordon Low Historic District
  • Madison Square
  • Crawford Square
  • Pulaski Square
  • Savannah Historic District
  • Chippewa Square
  • Greene Square
  • Orleans Square
  • Columbia Square
  • Oglethorpe Square

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