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Michael Rowland

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  • East Bay Hikers
  • Group description: East Bay has some great hikes. The weather is warmer than San Francisco and the terrain is usually different than North Bay Muir Woods area. It is also pretty convenient for people who live in East Bay because they do not have to cross any bridges!

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  • 420 BEER OLYMPICS - Drop the Bong, Play some Pong! Free Green Beers!
  • Hike description: 4/20/12: 420 BEER OLYMPICS - Drop the Bong, Play some Pong! Find a person with a matching picture of a cannabis leaf to win FREE GREEN BEERS throughout the night! FREE to play! FREE entry to Impala night club! Drink special: 5 BEERS for $10 Games: Flip Cup, Beer Pong, Relays Win Prizes! --> Everyone's placed on a team based on your country (to make it easy to meet people). --> Teams compete at flip cup, relays, and beer pong. --> Play -or- just watch, drink cheap beer and be social! Meet & compete against travelers, locals, au pairs and students! After the games and awards ceremony, head upstairs for free entry to Impala night club! (Save $20 Cover) 'Like' us on Facebook *and* RSVP that you're attending & your 1st beer is $1 LIKE US HERE: https://www.facebook.com/beerpubcrawl RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/333259560057096/ WHEN: Every Friday WHERE: Impala - 501 Broadway St, corner of Kearny St & Broadway (Go DOWNSTAIRS and signup with the Beer O...

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Latitude: 37.637821 | Longitude: -122.057091

50 Parks Near User Location

  • Sorensdale Park
  • Peixoto Playfield
  • Ruus Park
  • College Heights Park
  • Spring Grove Park
  • Garin Park
  • Canyon View Park
  • Bidwell Park
  • Schafer Park
  • Old Highlands Park
  • Palma Ceia Park
  • Taper Park
  • Southgate Park
  • Hayward Memorial Park
  • Mount Eden Park
  • Penke Park
  • Kenneth Birchfield Memorial Park
  • Town Estates Park
  • San Felipe Park
  • Rancho Arroyo Park
  • San Andreas Park
  • Alvarado Park
  • Longwood Park
  • Casa Verde Park
  • DeAnza Park
  • Centennial Center Botany Grounds
  • Greenwood Park
  • Harvey Community Park
  • Carlos Bee Park
  • Lowry Park
  • Charles F Kennedy Park
  • Don Castro Recreation Area
  • Contempo Park
  • Crow Canyon
  • Cherryland Park
  • Hall Ranch Park
  • Cook Canyon
  • Maderia Hill
  • Tolman Peak
  • John F Kennedy Park
  • Independent Park
  • North Gate Community Park
  • McConaghy Park
  • Palomares Canyon
  • Eden Canyon
  • Cull Canyon
  • Bay Trees Park
  • Seven Hills Park
  • Meek Park
  • Arroyo Park

Cities To Hike Nearby

  • Sorenson
  • Halvern
  • Carpenter
  • Mount Eden
  • Baumberg
  • Union City
  • Hall Station
  • Union City
  • Cherryland
  • Castro Valley
  • Russell City
  • Pabrico
  • San Lorenzo
  • Ashland
  • Lorenzo Station
  • Eberly
  • Niles District
  • Robert (historical)
  • Merienda (historical)
  • Niles Junction

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