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  • Armstrong Woods East Ridge Hike
  • Hike description: This hike is about 5-6 miles with an elevation gain of 1400ft...the great thing about this hike is that a good portion of it is in the shade. We've done this before but it is such a favorite that we will keep on doing it on a regular basis! This hike is all about having fun and getting some exercise in a comfortable setting. We won't be setting any speed records or winning any awards! It's all about spending time with other people, getting outside for some activity and having fun. You won't be held accountable to identify all of the plant or animal life, though I hope we see an abundance of both! This hike has a few relentless hills that keep going on up but it is well worth the huffs and the puffs to get up there. To enjoy this hike you should be able to comfortably walk uphill at a steady pace for an extended period. To get to the trailhead: From downtown Guerneville on Main St. (Highway 116), drive 2.3 miles north on Armstrong Woods Road to the visitor center on the right,...

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Latitude: 37.769138 | Longitude: -122.428047

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  • Koshland Park
  • Strauss Playground
  • Recreation Park (historical)
  • Noe-Beaver Mini-Park
  • Alamo Square
  • Mission Dolores Park
  • Alamo Square Historic District
  • Corona Heights Playground
  • States Playground
  • Buena Vista Heights
  • Mission Playground
  • Memorial Court
  • Southern Pacific Company Hospital Historic District
  • Liberty Street Historic District
  • Civic Center Plaza
  • Marshall Square
  • Pioneer Monument
  • Seals Stadium (historical)
  • Kimbell Playground
  • Panhandle
  • Sunset Tunnel Park
  • Mission Community Recreation Center
  • Hamilton Recreation Center
  • Tankhill Park
  • O'Farrell-Larkin Mini-Park
  • Bush Street-Cottage Row Historic District
  • Market Street Theatre and Loft Historic District
  • Ignatius Heights
  • Grattan Playground
  • Juri Commons
  • Lone Mountain
  • McKinley Square
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Garfield Square
  • Kezar Stadium
  • Laurel Hill Playground
  • Alta Plaza
  • Coso Square
  • Union Square Park
  • Rossi Playground
  • Mount Sutro
  • Presidio Heights Playground
  • Potrero Del Sol Park
  • Potrero Hill
  • Nob Hill
  • Rolph Playground
  • Huntington Park
  • Lottas Fountain
  • Midtown Terrace Recreation Center

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