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John Anderson

I split my time between the Bay Area (La Honda) and Utah (Sandy). I enjoy cycling skiing, hiking and running.

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  • Visual Possibilities Hiking Group
  • Group description: Private hiking group in the Salt Lake City area. If you find yourself in Salt Lake and want to go hiking, do join us on a Sunday. This is a very social group and we always take our time hiking through the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Email me with questions: visualpossibilities@gmail.com See last weeks adventure at: http://www.visualpossibilities.com/hike/ Hiker Steve

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Member Location

Latitude: 41.465000 | Longitude: -112.031998

50 Parks Near User Location

  • Brigham Face Wildlife Management Area
  • Brigham Young Park
  • Rees Park
  • Grizzly Peak
  • Flat Bottom Hill
  • Willard Mountain
  • Red Hill
  • Willard Peak
  • Mount Pisgah
  • Ben Lomond
  • South Recreation Area
  • Blue Hill
  • Babbit Shanty Hill
  • Alex Beard Hill
  • Weber County North Fork Park
  • Willard Bay State Park
  • Stoddard Hill
  • Chilly Peak
  • Cart Hill
  • Calls Fort Monument
  • Willard Bay Upland Game Management Area
  • Mitton Peak
  • Harold S Crane Waterfowl Management Area
  • Baxter Ridge
  • Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge
  • Bear River National Migratory Bird Refuge (historical)
  • Wellsville Cone
  • Bob Stewart Peak
  • Wellsville Mountains
  • James Peak
  • Cobabe Peak
  • McKenzie Mountain
  • Hyrum Reservoir State Park
  • Bald Head
  • Scout Peak
  • Smoot Park
  • Fourth Street Park
  • Bonneville Park
  • Mendon Peak
  • Ogden Nature Center
  • Ninth Street Park
  • Mollys Stocking
  • Public Shooting Grounds Waterfowl Management Area
  • Stauffer Canyon
  • Kidman Canyon
  • Lorin Farr Park
  • Canyon Park
  • George S Eccles Dinosaur Park
  • Tabernacle Park
  • Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area

Cities To Hike Nearby

  • Perry
  • Brigham City
  • Willard
  • Mantua
  • Nerva
  • South Willard
  • Corinne
  • Durfee Creek Estates
  • Westwood Manor Plat One
  • Cobble Creek Park
  • Westwood Manor Plat Two
  • Pleasant View
  • White Barn Country Club
  • Mount Sterling
  • Liberty Bell Ranchettes
  • Bear River City
  • Parkvale
  • North Ogden
  • Farr West
  • Three Fountains North Ogden Condominium

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