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I like to hike in the woods, along colorful or interesting trails, on flatland or mountains if not steep. I've hiked in the West and in this area, but am a senior now and can't do as much as I used to. There are no hiking groups near here, and since I am an older single, I'd like to have some people to hike with.

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  • Hoofing Hikers
  • Group description: Hiking in local areas surrounding Lafayette, Ga. on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sunday afternoons. Preferably within 30 mile radius of Lafayette. Any age or skill level as long as health will not prevent hiking. Hiking may be mainly walking or more strenuous, depending on the group\'s choice of sites. If interested in joining such a group, call Linda at 423-304-5441.

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Latitude: 34.702297 | Longitude: -85.210129

50 Parks Near User Location

  • Mineral Spring Hollow
  • Walden Hollow
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Dick Ridge
  • Milan Hollow
  • Hall Hollow
  • Thompson Hollow
  • Kilpatrick Hollow
  • Barren Hills
  • Lowell Green Recreation Area
  • Straight Gut Valley
  • Houston Valley ORV Area
  • Peavine Ridge
  • Owl Hollow
  • West Armuchee Valley
  • Devils Cove
  • Long Hollow
  • Burnt Mill Valley
  • Furnace Valley
  • Belmont Mountain
  • McWhorter Gulf
  • Dickson Gulf
  • Beaumont Mountain
  • Hurricane Mountain
  • Hurricane Valley
  • Wood Station Valley
  • McLemore Cove
  • Stony Point Ridge
  • East Armuchee Valley
  • Taylor Ridge
  • Houston Valley
  • Horn Mountain
  • Dug Mountain
  • Barn Mountain
  • Nichols Hollow
  • Gooseneck Hollow
  • Hogjowl Valley
  • Little Mountain Ridge
  • Crawfish Valley
  • Harrisburg Gulf
  • Gayton Gulf
  • Anderson Gulf
  • Harp Ridge
  • Shankle Ridge
  • Mill Creek Valley
  • Dogwood Valley
  • Frady Gulf
  • Johns Mountain
  • The Hills
  • Roland Ridge

Cities To Hike Nearby

  • Naomi
  • Corinth
  • Catlett
  • Horse Lake Estates
  • Chestnutflat (historical)
  • LaFayette
  • Fairview Heights
  • Linwood
  • Greenbush (historical)
  • Salem (historical)
  • Gordon Springs (historical)
  • Suttles Mill
  • Blaylock Mill
  • Reo
  • Noble
  • Center Grove
  • Mount Carmel
  • Marsh Crossing
  • Guild (historical)
  • East Armuchee

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