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Peak 4 Poverty is an all-volunteer organization consisting of individuals from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and religions all united under one purpose: to provide the funding necessary to educate young orphans in Africa and enable them to realize their potential.

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  • Mammoth Caves
  • Hike description: Join Peak 4 Poverty in the adventure of a lifetime as we explore the depths of Kentucky’s Mammoth Caves, the largest cave-system in the world! With over 90 miles of labyrinths and vast chambers located 380 feet below the earth, Mammoth Caves provides the adventure all thrill-seekers are looking for! Sign up today at www.peak4poverty.org and secure your spot! Organization: Peak 4 Poverty Trip Date: April 19-22 Location: Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park (transportation will be provided from Des Moines to state park and back)

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Latitude: 41.599979 | Longitude: -93.675003

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