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Attending: 65

Hiking Member Rob Clothier +0
i will be there...
Hiking Member Jill Katz +1
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Hiking Member Joanna +0
Hi Alex. Can I bring a friend? We'd probably be down to go in light rain if you are.
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Hi Alex. Dan here. Can you see the RSVP this time? dan@igservice.com
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Hiking Member YuMan TAM +1
Beginning Hiker. Would love to know what must be brought!
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I'll bring my dog.
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Hi. I'm new.
Hiking Member francis +2
will see you guys there
Hiking Member Liz +1
There's two of us, altogether. Thanks!
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I will see whether I can get there by public transport by 10am =)
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Would like to, but July 4th weekend may be packed. We'll see...
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First time joining you - hope I don't slow you all down!!

Saturday July 2 2011
San Francisco Lands End to Fort Funston all Along the Ocean

Organized by
Alex Genadinik

Location not specified.
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Feet of Elevation
San Francisco Hiking Group
Contact Phone
415 269 3586

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Hiking Route: Hike From Lands End to Fort Funston

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Approximate route statistics:

Please note that Mileage and Cumulative Elevation Gain are approximate, and are shown FOR REFERENCE ONLY. The actual numbers will be 10-50% higher, depending how accurately hike organizer plotted the route. Unless you can walk - no, FLY! - a perfect straight line!

Hiking Route Description:

A Hike all along the

Hike Description:

This will be a multi-park hike all along the Ocean Beach. We will start at the far end of Lands End, make our way to Ocean Beach then we will walk south towards Fort Funston along Ocean Beach. After that we will go even further to Thornton Beach State Park and then to Mussel Rock Park.

This should be a pretty challenging hike with great views, and the ocean will hopefully keep us feeling refreshed.

Recommended Clothing:

Wear layered clothing as the weather may change throughout the day.

Recommended Food:

Bring lunch and plenty of water

Cancellation Condition:

Rain or above 95 degree weather since such hot weather will make the hike a bad experience because the hike is mostly through un-shaded areas.

Dogs Allowed:


Hike Start Location/Trailhead Details


Lands End National Recreation Area

Trailhead Name:

Lands End Trailhead


The trailhead has a marking in a big billboard that it is the trailhead. It is at the bottom of the hill from the museum, and is at El Camino Del mar. Plenty of street parking is nearly always available.



Appx # of Parking Spots:


Is Free:




Wheelchair Accessible:


Have photos from this hike?



Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
By the way guys, check this out - a link with photos/videos of the shipwrecks along the coast of SF http://www.comehike.com/outdoors/shipwrecks.php

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