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attending.. see you there
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Will bring at least one friend, hopefully more. See you there!
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potentially +1
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Going on a hike saturday; we'll see what kind of shape I'll be in for sun.:-)Can I be that spontaneous w/whether or not I'm joining you sunday?

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See you next time

Sunday February 20 2011
Cannons, Ecology and Palace of Fine Arts Hike at the Presidio

Organized by
Alex Genadinik

Location arguello and jackson 94118, San Francisco, CA
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Feet of Elevation
San Francisco Hiking Group
Meeting Address
arguello and jackson 94118, San Francisco, CA
Contact Phone
(415) 269-3586

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Hiking Route: Ecology Trail, Officers Row, Cannon Display, Palace of Fine Arts

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Approximate route statistics:

Please note that Mileage and Cumulative Elevation Gain are approximate, and are shown FOR REFERENCE ONLY. The actual numbers will be 10-50% higher, depending how accurately hike organizer plotted the route. Unless you can walk - no, FLY! - a perfect straight line!

Hiking Route Description:

This is an amazing route which probably has in it a quarter of the city attractions and you can see them all in about an hour hike! We also saw the Yoda statue.

Hike Description:

This will be a really beautiful and historic hike through the Presidio. We will meet at the Arguello Gate, walk along the Ecology Trail, then through the army base to see the old Officers Homes and a display of historic cannons used by the army.

We will then go to the Palace of Fine Arts for a break and a little snack (10-20 minutes), and then we will head back.

Here is some information about the Presidio:

Recommended Clothing:

Wear layered clothing in case it gets windy.

Recommended Food:

Bring a snack to eat during the middle of the hike. Also bring enough water.

Cancellation Condition:

Only heavy rain cancels

Dogs Allowed:


Hike Start Location/Trailhead Details


The Presidio

Trailhead Name:

Presidio Gate at Arguello


There is plenty of street parking and rest rooms at the golf club store.



Appx # of Parking Spots:


Is Free:




Wheelchair Accessible:


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Hiking Member Nahda
My husband and I would like to join you on this hike please.
Nahda Balaa
Hiking Member Laura
A thought for it you do this walk again, there is a lot of free parking at the Palace of Fine Arts, if you wanted to start from there next time. There's that big parking lot behind the Exploritorium :-)
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
Laura, good point about the parking lot. But the area where we will start from has very good street parking so it should be ok.
Hiking Member Kat
I would like to joing this hike and possible bring my dog but I'm 4.5 months pregnant and not sure if I'll be able to keep up. I exercised moderately prior to pregnancy but was by no means an experienced hiker. What do you think? Kat
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
Kat, I always try to be inclusive, so I say give it a try. If it is too hard for you, you can maybe take a bus or catch a cab home or back to your car at the midway point of the hike.
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
This was a really fun hike. By the way after this, I found even more cannons in the Presidio :)
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
The other cannons are batteries along the bay.
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
There are 3 or 4 huge batteries facing the water. But only one cannon is actually in place.
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
I went there once and the existing cannon was covered up. But it was pretty gigantic.

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