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Attending: 12

Hiking Member Jenn Chang +0
+1 Friend
Hiking Member Sayeef Rahim +0
Hiking Member Nicole Donn +0
I plan to be there with my dog and may possibly bring a friend
Hiking Member Megan Kung +0
Hiking Member Thomas Wong +0
Hiking Member Bonnie Macaraig +0
plus 3
Hiking Member John +0
+ 1 kid
Hiking Member Erica Becker +0
Sounds fun
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Hiking Member Vikki +0
+ 3
Hiking Member Sarah +0
Hiking Member Michael Rowland +0
+ wife and 2 dogs

Maybe Coming: 2

Hiking Member Asha Gupta +0
If someone can kindly pick me up from the CalTrain Station?
Hiking Member Megan Rilla +0

Not Coming: 3

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Hiking Member Beth Coulourianos +0
forgot my brother is visiting
Hiking Member FrogMom +0
Thanks for organizing Alex but I'll be out of town. Another time with pleasure.

Sunday February 13 2011
Shipwreck Hunt Hike

Organized by
Alex Genadinik

Location 870 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco, California 94121
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Feet of Elevation
San Francisco Hiking Group
Meeting Address
870 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco, California 94121
Contact Phone
(415) 269-3586

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Hike Description:

Since this was such a popular event last time, we will be doing this hike again.

The hike is scheduled specifically during a time of low tide when tops of two drowned ships can be seen. One ship is during the middle of the hike and the other ship is at the end of the hike.

The event is free, but donations on the site or at the event are appreciated since it takes a lot of time and effort to organize the event.

Here is a link to Lands End to see what you can expect:

Children are welcome on this hike, but must be closely supervised by their parents.

Recommended Clothing:

Wear layered clothing in case it becomes windy

Recommended Food:

Light snack might be good

Cancellation Condition:

Only heavy rain cancels the event

Dogs Allowed:


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Hiking Member Asha Gupta
Would love to join. Coming from Stanford. Anyway, someone could pick me up from CalTrain station and go together to the meeting spot?
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
Asha, try to use the carpool feature. Maybe that will help in getting a ride :)
Hiking Member Erica Becker
Just to confirm the meeting place, is this where there is a sign and a little ways down the trail there is the wooden platform called,I believe, Eagles Point, ?
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
Yes I think it is called Eagles Point. Its at the bottom of the hill. On top of the hill is the museum. Last time we just met near the road. I think there is a big sign saying Lands End. In case you get lost, call me for directions (415) 269-3586 but I think you got the meeting point right.
Hiking Member Michael Rowland
Is this event open to new people? My wife and 2 dogs would like to come as well. Also, is there parking? (always a little leary of taking the car to SF, with all the stupid 1 or 2 hour meters and such.)

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