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Boo! Would love to, but conflicts with a hike I'm going on in Point Reyes. Have fun!

Saturday August 25 2012
Concrete Ups and Dirt Paths: Walk across the city and through the Presidio too

Organized by
Jill Katz

606 Broadway, San Francisco
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Feet of Elevation
Not Set
Jill and Sula's Hiking Group
Meeting Address
606 Broadway, San Francisco
Contact Phone
415-937-0287 (text only)

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Hike Description:

We are starting earlier cause it's football season and you know I'm obsessed. Meet on Broadway and Columbus in front of New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant. From there we will stroll across the city taking in the breathtaking views along Broadway. This is a fabulous amount of up. It is also a lot of city streets walking so we will end up in the Presidio walking in nature and smelling the yummy Eucalyptus and wandering on this really cool path. We will leave through the Arguello Gate and go have beers and watch the Redskins pre-season game at Pizza Orgasmica. Now if that doesn't sound like a perfect afternoon I don't know what else could be!

This is an A-B so be aware of this.

Recommended Clothing:

Maroon and Gold is a nice color combo

Recommended Food:

We can eat and drink at the end point.

Cancellation Condition:

Dogs Allowed:


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