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Hi Roy. I'm in. I have a bad back so I don't know if I can do the whole 1.5 miles, but woulkd love to see a Clapper Rail, so I'll be there.

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Sunday March 20 2011
Arrowhead Marsh Bird Walk

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San Leandro Bay, Oakland, California
1:00 PM
Not Set
Feet of Elevation
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Bay Area Birders
Meeting Address
San Leandro Bay, Oakland, California
Contact Phone
(510) 701-5416

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Hike Description:

This walk is by Arrowhead Marsh near the Oakland Airport. The area is popular with birders because of winter waterfowl population, and frequent sighting of California Clapper Rails. We meet at 1:00 pm in the main parking lot. From 880, head toward the Oakland Airport. Turn right at Pardee Drive, then left on Swan Way, and right to enter the park. Ignore the first 2 parking areas, and continue to the end of the road by the observation tower. Approach the water. I will be sitting on the fishing dock, wearing a dorky white hat with a cape. High tide is at 1:42 pm, offering a good change of seeing a clapper rail or two. If that fails, we can try again in the late afternoon. Meanwhile, we can wander about various pond and shoreline areas to observe a variety of waterfowl. Here is a link to park information and a park map. http://www.ebparks.org/parks/mlk All walking is level and paved. Bicycles are allowed. Distance depends on what we care to do. The loop around the New Marsh and seasonal ponds is 1.5 miles. Another nice walk is along the shore to Damon Slough - 1.5 miles round trip.

Recommended Clothing:

Dress for the season. Can be breezy on some days. Sun can be sunny.

Recommended Food:

A snack is useful. Maybe something warm if the weather is cool. The park has a couple of water fountains.

Cancellation Condition:


Dogs Allowed:


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Hiking Member Roy
BirdGal, I'm very flexible on what people decide to do once we get there. Might just sit and watch the birds. Might walk around. Etc. Welcome!
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
I just added a birding area to the site just for this group. I hope you guys like it. If there is anything I can add to it, let me know: http://www.comehike.com/outdoors/birds/birds.php
Hiking Member BirdGalAlcatraz
Roy, very sorry to report that I've had a change in plans & won't be able to join you. I have to go to LA Thursday through Sunday. As much as I want to see those Clapper Rails, I'll just have to do the next one. Thanks.
Hiking Member JafafaHots
Already planning on trying another hike for that day... otherwise I might have been interested.

I am not a birder, but I do need to see different areas that I don't normally get to, take photos, and could use someone who knows what to call what I took a photo of!
Also, recovering from an ankle break, so not ready for these 10 mile hikes yet!
Hiking Member Roy
I'm going to cancel this one. Weather is going to be miserable.

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