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Attending: 19

Hiking Member Namrata Ghadi +0
Hiking Member Megan Kung +0
Hiking Member Grace Wong +0
Hiking Member Kassandra Mitchell +0
Hiking Member Yonus Ahmad +0
Im there!
Hiking Member LeAnn +0
Hiking Member Tyler Moselle +0
Hiking Member Liudmila Lname +0
Hope to come 2 people
Hiking Member Amy Becht +0
+ 5
Hiking Member Lily +0
Hiking Member Lauren Etcheverry +0
I'm bringing a guest as well! great idea!
Hiking Member Art +0
Art +1 (Heather) Looking forward to it.
Hiking Member Angie +0
Hiking Member Emerson +0
Hiking Member Jann Thomas +0
I am planning to join tomorrow
Hiking Member Diana +0
Hiking Member Rachel +0
Hope it's not too late to join today-this sounds awesome!
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Maybe Coming: 1

Hiking Member Renni G +0
is the hike really 6 miles long? never been hiking there dunno if my dog can hack it...how many ppl so far? thx, renni :)

Not Coming: 3

Hiking Member Elena +0
Hiking Member Henry PAN +0
Alex, Sorry for not able to join due to a trip to Seattle. Enjoy the hike. Henry
Hiking Member Tim McCabe +0
Will be out of town. sounds like fun sorry we can't make it Looking forward to the next wine hike. Tim

Sunday May 1 2011
2 Buck Chuck Wine ;) Scavenger Hunt Hike

Organized by
Alex Genadinik

Location arguello and jackson 94118, San Francisco, CA
2:00 PM
Feet of Elevation
San Francisco Hiking Group
Meeting Address
arguello and jackson 94118, San Francisco, CA
Contact Phone
415 - 269 - 3586

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Hike Description:

In another attempt to make hiking more fun and spontaneous, I will plant some wine bottles in random places of the Presidio and we will try to find the wine.

I will let others lead so that it is truly a scavenger hunt.

If the park rangers or the squirrels do not find, and drink the wine, we will have some after about 2 hours of hiking.

Recommended Clothing:

Wear layered clothing in case it gets windy

Recommended Food:

With wine? Cheese of course!

Cancellation Condition:

Rain or park rangers telling me I can not plant the wine :)

Dogs Allowed:


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Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
I am always curious who likes and shares the hikes on Facebook. Right now there are 5 shares. I am very curious who did it? Thanks a lot for doing that by the way!! :)
Hiking Member Renni G
Oops! I didn't realize ppl attending show up on the side...We hope to make it. Awesome idea!

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