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Attending: 17

Hiking Member Mike +0
Hiking Member Gigi +0
The latest mystery novel I'm writing involves a pirate ship and the coastlines of SF, so I can't wait to go on this hike! --Gigi
Hiking Member Day +0
Sounds like fun!
Hiking Member Mary Yan +0
+1 mutt, please!
Hiking Member Diane +0
Can't wait!
Hiking Member Paulina Song +0
For 2
Hiking Member Michelle +0
Hiking Member Amy Becht +0
Hiking Member Anna Velez +0
Alex, Please reserve 2 spots for my husband and myself. Thanks
Hiking Member Edward Comerford +0
Hiking Member John Kamola +0
I will be there with my girlfriend Trish. Looks really interesting.
Hiking Member Nikki +0
Hiking Member Kieran Fitzpatrick +0
yes, plus one!
Hiking Member Karen Monroe +0
Sounds fun!
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i will try to make it there
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Tuesday April 19 2011
Lowest Tide Sunrise Shipwreck Hike

Organized by
Alex Genadinik

Location 870 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco, California 94121
6:30 AM
Feet of Elevation
San Francisco Hiking Group
Meeting Address
870 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco, California 94121
Contact Phone
415 269-3586

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Hike Description:

This will be super-low-tide and I think the ships will be most visible exactly at this time and date of the month. We will also probably catch the sunrise.

The hike is very early in the day, so if we will all be awake we will have a little historic talk and about an hour hike. After that we will all probably take the bus to work together. :)

I am very excited about this particular tide because it is supposed to be extremely low.

There is plenty of parking in the area, and we will all gather at the sign which says Lands End.

Recommended Clothing:

Dress warm - it will most likely be chilly

Recommended Food:

Cancellation Condition:

Rain at night or in the morning cancels the event. Even light rain.

Dogs Allowed:


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Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
Guys, I am surprised that at least 8 people signed up for a 6:30am hike :) Make sure you understand it is AM and not PM :) Also, given that there is interest in this, should I schedule more morning hikes? Would people be into them?
Hiking Member Hannah
What time in the morning or evening before will you post that the hike is cancelled if there is rain? I'd like to check info somewhere/here so that I don't end up out there alone. In our micro-climates, it isn't always clear what part of town is wet!
Hiking Member Alex Genadinik
Hannah, I think the forecast says there will be no rain.
Hiking Member John Kamola
How light is" light rain"?
Hiking Member Hannah
It rained a bit overnight mid-city. Alex G., do you have a resource for your history notes that you love? I'd like to try to see this on my own if today is a bust. Looking at this site w a cell phone browser, I don't see a trail mapped out, so a pointer for that would also be appreciated.

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