Allaire State Park

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Trailhead Name: Allaire State Park, Hospital Road Entrance

Trailhead Description: This point contains 3 separate trail heads, around a large parking lot. You will find a trail heading down to the river, a trail heading right into the park, and a trail across the street bringing you into the group campground of Allaire. All the 3 trails are multi-use and amazing. Though many people know Allaire Village, not many of those visitors venture to this side of the park. And they are missing out :) Please note that JORBA (jorba.org) organizes Tuesday Night beginner mountain bike rides all summer. Visit their site for additional information and schedule. -Jeff, getoutsidenj.com

Parking is available at this trailhead

Parking spots: 50

Parking is free at this trailhead

Access to trail is wheelchair accessible

Restrooms available: NO

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We currently do not have any record of good routes in this park.



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Hiking or Walking Groups Nearby

Group Name: New York City Urban Hiking Group

Group Description: Fun and social urban and inner-city park group. I usually do themed hike like historic hikes, fun hikes, hikes to see or find something, or silly hikes like bring-your-own-beer hike :) I did many hikes in the San Francisco area and even had them mentioned on NPR, newspaper, and a number of publications. It is really good times. I look forward to doing this in New York!

Group Name: Family Hikes Rockland

Group Description: We are a group of families with lower school children who like to hike together. Join one of our hikes or open up your own hike to other families. Bring your friends as well.

Upcoming Hikes

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Past Hikes

Prospect Hike Search For Hipsters and Russians | 36.6 km away

Date: Tuesday, 7-5-2011

Description: Nice long-ish stroll in the park

Hike Around Central Park Jackueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir | 44.5 km away

Date: Monday, 8-8-2011

Description: Casual and very light hike around Central Park Jackueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

Morning Social Hike Along West Side of Manhattan | 39.6 km away

Date: Saturday, 8-13-2011

Description: A very long social walk to explore the West Side of Manhattan. We will start at 9am in order to avoid crowds. If we hurry, we can finish the hike by about 2:00pm and if we stop in many places to take breaks, then more likely it will go to 3:00pm or maybe later. This is a long walk from about Manhattan's Houston street along the Hudson river to see all the parks and end on the northern spot of Manhattan near the Harlem River. Order of Parks and Historical markers visited are: Chelsea Waterside Park Inspired Sea Air and Space Museum Dewitt Clinton Park West 72th street Dog Run West 87th street Dog Run Joan of Arc Park Riverside Park West 105th Street Dig Run General Grant National Memorial Riverbank State Park Fort Washington Park Inwood Hill Park Isham Park

Walk around Central Park | 42.8 km away

Date: Wednesday, 8-31-2011

Description: Just a loop around central park. Not the most exciting of hikes, but good for seeing many different places of NYC and people-watching.

First Spring Weekend Hike in NYC | 43.8 km away

Date: Saturday, 3-3-2012

Description: We will meet on Saturday morning and walk up the west side of Manhattan all the way to the historic Inwood Park and the Cloisters museum. The hike will be about 7-8 miles, but it won't feel too long because it will be so much fun and so relaxing. Everyone is welcome.

Prospect Park in Park Slope Hike | 36.6 km away

Date: Saturday, 3-16-2013

Description: Park Slopers unite! This will be a nice social hike to get some exercise and meet new people.

Social Walk Around Juniper Valley Park in Queens, New York | 41 km away

Date: Saturday, 5-25-2013

Description: Just a nice social walk around this local park to meet people in the area and make exercise friends.