This page contains information on everything about trails, and how you can contribute to a community project to help maintain trail information up to date.

Hiking Nature Photo

Types of Trails

A trail terrain can be:

  • Paved
  • Dirt
Trail width can be:
  • One person
  • Two People
  • Fire road - enough width to fit a fire truck if it needs to come into the park to quell a forest fire or help an injured hiker.

Start of the Trails

Trails often start at what is known as "trialhead." Trailheads may sometimes have space to park, bathrooms facilities, places to get maps, and make donations or pay fees to the parks. You may want to see our current map of trailheads or add to the map since the trailheads are added to the map by our community members just like you!

Community-Maintained Trail Database

We are trusting the power of the community to help create a great and up-to-date database of trails. If you have visited any trails, and want to contribute, you can do so by adding or editing a trail in our trail database.