Snow hiking is extremely fun, and pretty unique. Regular old hiking is pretty accessible just about anywhere, but for most people strapping on some snow shoes and heading out into the snow is a pretty unusual, and a fun way to spend some time in the snow. Historically, this was not a recreational activity. It was a way to move people and help transport goods. In many places of the world it is still used as a means to simply help get yourself from one place to another.

Snow Hiking

The Snowshoe

The snowshoe is the footwear necessary for walking over the snow. The technology behind them is simple. They distribute the weight of the person over a wider area of snow, which helps the foot to not sink completely into the snow. People's feet are generally to small, and go right through tall snow, forcing the person to step over the snow in a large step, after the previous step.

Snowshoes are typically binded to the feet around the ankles and the top of the foot. Their frame is usually made out of hard material like wood, lightweight metal, plastic, or other synthetic fabrics. The soles of the snowshoes are weaved into a mesh.

Recreational Snowshoeing

While historically this way of transporting oneself has been much more widespread, today is is largely a method of Winter-time recreation. Hikers, casual walkers, and runners who live in areas where they either can not continue with their hobbies during the Winter, or are presented with a unique opportunity to try something new, tend to be early adopters of snowshoeing.

Mountain Hiking

More Snowshoe Information and Community

One of our favorite places to check out the latest in the world of Winter sports, and especially snowshoeing is the snowshoe magazine. The online magazine is updated daily with stories of cool places to go, interesting new gear, and first hand accounts of passionate snow hikers.

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