Kings Canyon National Park

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General Information


Trailhead Name: Don Cecil Trailhead - Kings canyon NP

Trailhead Description: Trailhead is across campgrounds, between Sentinel and Canyoon View campgrounds. Parking across the trailhead. No fee for parking here, but you need to pay National Park entrance fee.

Parking is available at this trailhead

Parking spots: 20

Parking is free at this trailhead

Access to trail is NOT wheelchair accessible

Restrooms available: NO

Trailhead Name: Zumwalt meadow trailhead - Kings Canyon NP

Trailhead Description: Large parking Lot. No fee at the trailhead, but you need to pay national Park entrance fee.

Parking is available at this trailhead

Parking spots: 50

Parking is free at this trailhead

Wheelchair accessibility is unknown

Restrooms available: YES

Trailhead Name: Road Ends - Cedar Grove - Kings Canyon NP

Trailhead Description: There is no fee at the trailhead, but you need to pay National Park Entrance fee. For day hike use day-use parking lots (there are few). Bears are active day and night, so don't leave food of items with strong smell (like Sunscreen or toothpaste in the car. Bear boxes are available at the trailhead.

Parking is available at this trailhead

Parking spots: 100

Parking is free at this trailhead

Wheelchair accessibility is unknown

Restrooms available: YES

Routes and Trails You Can Travel

Route Name: Don Cecil Trail to Lookout Peak

Route Description: 5 miles climb from Cedar Grove to the top of Lookout Peak. Hot and dry. The trail crosses Sheep Creek, past beautiful cascade of waterfalls, steadily climbing the north-facing (relatively cool) side of the kings canyon. Impressive view of Monarch Divide from the top. Return the same way.

Distance: 3.72

Total elevation gain: 3816

Total elevation loss: 22

Route Name: Zumwalt Meadow - Kings Canyon NP

Route Description: Short 1.5 miles loop. There are marked stops - you can self-purchase a guide for $1.50 at the trailhead. From the parking, cross the river toward mountains and follow the loop in counter-clockwise direction. Nearly level walk along the meadow. Great view of the North Dome. Beautiful wildflowers display in early summer. Lots of bugs.

Distance: 0.90

Total elevation gain: 42

Total elevation loss: 81

Route Name: Misty Falls - Kings Canyon NP

Route Description: One of the most popular trails in the Cedar Grove area. 45. miles to the falls. Moderate. In-and-out. First 2 miles are level. then climb about 600 feet.

Distance: 3.74

Total elevation gain: 849

Total elevation loss: 70



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Hiking or Walking Groups Nearby

Group Name: Hike Mammoth Lakes!

Group Description: wish to create hiking groups that will explore the Mammoth Lakes Basin area. Various established hiking trails from beginner to high altitude conditioned trail hound! Contact me on Twitter or Myspace @SierraJewel! Lets go hike!!!

Upcoming Hikes

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Past Hikes

Yosemite NP This Weekend! | 72.2 km away

Date: Friday, 6-24-2011

Description: There are 2, with 2 different days and times: Chilnualna Falls Friday AM; A rather uphill, 4 mile one-way hike to outrageous flowing water not normally seen in Yosemite, plus fishing for true "gems"...gorgeous, natural Rainbow trout in pools above the Falls. All "jewels" experience CPR: Catch, Photograph, and Release. Come Saturday: One of the best, best views in all of the Yosemite Valley area, without having to ascend Half Dome: Sentinel Dome instead! It's a 1.5 mile, quite easy-to-moderate-at-the-end stroll/hike...sssshhhhh! Keep this one close to you...so much worth the bit of effort!

Kings Canyon NP - Mist Falls | 10.7 km away

Date: Saturday, 7-2-2011

Description: Very popular trail. Great moderate hike. Raging river in early summer. Some great views. Proximity to river helps to keep you cool in usually hot and dry summer.

Kings Canyon NP - Don Cecil trail to Lookout Peak | 11.8 km away

Date: Sunday, 7-3-2011

Description: Strenuous climb on the north-facing side of the Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon NP - Zumwalt Meadow | 10.8 km away

Date: Monday, 7-4-2011

Description: Follow the nature trail around Zumwalt meadow.

White Mountain Peak Climb | 46.5 km away

Date: Friday, 8-5-2011

Description: High Altitude. Easy to follow jeep road.

Saturday Afternoon fun hike | 50.4 km away

Date: Saturday, 1-28-2012

Description: lets have some fun post lunch and explore the hot creek geothermal area and canyon. could possibly hike from the first driveway to the closed off hot springs area and back. Hike into canyon can be challenging! Better suited for kids 7+