Yosemite National Park

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Yosemite is an amazing nationally preserved park with more than a hundred lakes (some with beaches), numerous meadows great for hiking and nature watching, and a number of gigantic waterfalls. Since the nature is undisturbed, nature is allowed to flourish. In wooded areas, the trees grow to be gigantic and the entire park is engulfed in tremendous mountains.

There are over 800 total miles of hiking and bike trails. The hikes offer breathtaking scenery as they often end up near the gigantic waterfalls or on top of hills from which you can see forever into the distance. There are hikes and activities for everyone. People used to cities are able to stay closer to civilizations, while outdoor adventurers can backpack in nature for days.

Yosemite Valley is one of the more known place about Yosemite. Yosemite Valley is the home of nationally known spots like Half Dome, Bridalveil Falls, and the Mist Trail. While it seems that you will be in nature and wilderness, these places are always full of hikers and visitors.

Upper Gaylor Lake and the Tioga Pass Road are visitor favorite because it has a little bit for everyone: huge mountains, grassy fields, and lakes where people have been known to take a swim. There are many wooded forest-like areas and great hiking trails that lead all through the different landscapes of Yosemite.

Southern Yosemite is famous for the giant Sequoia trees that are often as wide as many people standing together, and seem to touch the skies with their tops. A famous grove in southern part of Yosemite is called the Mariposa Grove. Common attractions are the Grizzly Giant, the California Tunnel Tree, and the hiking trails surrounded by the Sequoias.

Glacier Point Road takes people up the heights, with many hikes off the Glacier Point Road. Many of the hikes lead to peaks of mountains from which people can see far into the distance in any direction. Many of the trails marked by "point" in the name lead to cliffs with views of Yosemite Valley. A great attraction is a road to the Sentinel Dome, which has a 360-degree view and as legend has it, the most revered tree.

If you are thinking of hiking and doing outdoor activities in the Bay Area or Northern California, take a look at our hiking groups, or consider leading some hikes. We are working on building many tools like carpool management to make the hiking experience more environmentally friendly. There are many other interesting features for hikers like the ability to track your hiking statistics.


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Group Name: Hike Mammoth Lakes!

Group Description: wish to create hiking groups that will explore the Mammoth Lakes Basin area. Various established hiking trails from beginner to high altitude conditioned trail hound! Contact me on Twitter or Myspace @SierraJewel! Lets go hike!!!

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Past Hikes

Yosemite NP This Weekend! | 13.6 km away

Date: Friday, 6-24-2011

Description: There are 2, with 2 different days and times: Chilnualna Falls Friday AM; A rather uphill, 4 mile one-way hike to outrageous flowing water not normally seen in Yosemite, plus fishing for true "gems"...gorgeous, natural Rainbow trout in pools above the Falls. All "jewels" experience CPR: Catch, Photograph, and Release. Come Saturday: One of the best, best views in all of the Yosemite Valley area, without having to ascend Half Dome: Sentinel Dome instead! It's a 1.5 mile, quite easy-to-moderate-at-the-end stroll/hike...sssshhhhh! Keep this one close to you...so much worth the bit of effort!

Kings Canyon NP - Mist Falls | 83.3 km away

Date: Saturday, 7-2-2011

Description: Very popular trail. Great moderate hike. Raging river in early summer. Some great views. Proximity to river helps to keep you cool in usually hot and dry summer.

Kings Canyon NP - Don Cecil trail to Lookout Peak | 80.5 km away

Date: Sunday, 7-3-2011

Description: Strenuous climb on the north-facing side of the Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon NP - Zumwalt Meadow | 82.9 km away

Date: Monday, 7-4-2011

Description: Follow the nature trail around Zumwalt meadow.

White Mountain Peak Climb | 73.1 km away

Date: Friday, 8-5-2011

Description: High Altitude. Easy to follow jeep road.

Saturday Afternoon fun hike | 86.6 km away

Date: Saturday, 1-28-2012

Description: lets have some fun post lunch and explore the hot creek geothermal area and canyon. could possibly hike from the first driveway to the closed off hot springs area and back. Hike into canyon can be challenging! Better suited for kids 7+