Calaveras Big Trees State Park

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General Information

The Calaveras Big Trees State Park is located in Northern California, on the west edge of Stanislaus National Forest. It is a popular park for plant enthusiasts as it has everything from the gigantic redwood trees, to small, but beautifully blooming wildflowers.

The park is popular for its year-round recreational activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, and much more.


We currently do not have any record of trailheads in this park.

Routes and Trails You Can Travel

We currently do not have any record of good routes in this park.


There are several miles of trails sprawled out throughout the park. It isn't a huge hiking destination on its own, but the sightseeing, and coming close to the giant Sequoias makes the hikes that much better. There are a few well-known trails at the park. The Lava Bluff Trail and the Bradley Trail are nice and scenic, and can offer a moderate-difficulty hike.


One popular trail here is the South Grove Trail which has a 5-mile round trip through redwoods forest, and a few hundred feet of elevation. It is an easy to medium difficulty hike with some unique scenery.

Climate and Weather

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The park is home to Sequoia Redwood trees. These trees should not be confused with the Coastal Redwoods that grow near the Pacific Ocean coast. The Coastal Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world, but the Sequoias are the widest.


Other Plants

Camping Possibilities

There is plenty of camping opportunities here. There are two main campgrounds at the park with a total of 129 individual campsites.

Other Information

Picnicking is possible here. There are six picnic areas at the park.


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Past Hikes

Briones-Mt.Diablo Trail Part Deux - Shell Ridge to Mt.Diablo State Park | 99 km away

Date: Sunday, 5-8-2011

Description: This hike goes through Shell Ridge Open Space, Diablo Foothills Park to Mt.Diablo State Park and back. Meet at the Briones-Mt.Diablo Trail sign at the corner of La Casa Via and Corvey Ct in Walnut Creek. Park on the street.The sign is to the rear of John Muir Hospital off of Ygnacio Valley Road. We will walk 1 block west on Corvey Ct to the trailhead, follow the Briones-Mt.Diablo Trail across Shell Ridge Open Space, across the Diablo Foothills Regional Park into Mt.Diablo State Park. Stop for a break. [I am calling my Mom to wish her a Happy Mother's Day.] North on the Little Yosemite Trail, NW on Stage Road trail (now back inside Diablo Foothills Park), West on the Buckeye Ravine trail which reconnects with the Briones-Mt.Diablo trail and return to the Corvey Ct. trailhead

Cold Creek - Berryesa | 93.5 km away

Date: Friday, 6-17-2011

Description: loop - panoramic views of the lake

Yosemite NP This Weekend! | 58 km away

Date: Friday, 6-24-2011

Description: There are 2, with 2 different days and times: Chilnualna Falls Friday AM; A rather uphill, 4 mile one-way hike to outrageous flowing water not normally seen in Yosemite, plus fishing for true "gems"...gorgeous, natural Rainbow trout in pools above the Falls. All "jewels" experience CPR: Catch, Photograph, and Release. Come Saturday: One of the best, best views in all of the Yosemite Valley area, without having to ascend Half Dome: Sentinel Dome instead! It's a 1.5 mile, quite easy-to-moderate-at-the-end stroll/hike...sssshhhhh! Keep this one close to you...so much worth the bit of effort!

SF East Bay 3/4/2012 Mt.Diablo Summit | 92.9 km away

Date: Sunday, 3-4-2012

Description: Regency Drive Trailhead to Mt.Diablo summit. Around the summit to Junipter campground and return via Deer Flat return.