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Driver Name: Alex Genadinik

Available spots: 1

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Per person transportation fee: 1

Meeting description: 10:00 this is a test

Ok to Bring Pets? No

Same carpool on ride back? No

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By Alex

Request: This is a test edit

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About Carpooling

How Our Carpool System Works

  • Drivers - click to give a ride and explain where and when you will be able to pick people up.
  • Passengers - browse existing rides that are offered and reserve a spot in one. If there are no offered rides, fill out a form that you need one, and future drivers will be able to see that you need a ride.

Hike-Carpool Etiquette

Thank you for not being wasteful with the environment by carpooling. Lets also not be wasteful with the good will of the drivers. Please try to keep their car clean, be on time, don't complain about music, and lets treat each other with kindness.

Carpooling is Environmental

Driving to hikes has always been a dichotomy. On one hand, people are getting closer to nature and learning about it. And on the other hand, people drive to the hikes which tend to be miles away from where they live. At least carpooling is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of getting to the hikes.

More Reasons To Carpool

Drive time goes by faster when you have someone to talk to. Carpooling keeps driving costs down by sharing the expense (including less wear and tear on the cars). Most importantly, carpools reduce congestion on the road, and especially at the trailhead where there's often limited parking.