Make Money Hiking

Yes, it does not sound like it makes sense or it would be easy, but we are working on ways that our site's visitors can earn money doing what they already do and love: hiking. Here are some of the ways you can make money. Please Email Us and let us know if you'd like to participate in any of the programs outlined below:

Lead Hikes or Become a Hike Guide

If you know of some great trails or places to go, try to lead a hike. We will help you promote your outing to get a nice number of people to join you. You can either ask for a required fee or an optional donation. If people have a great time on your hikes, they will be glad to chip in so that you can put on more events. It is a great way to meet new people, make friends, get some exercise, and actually make some money at the same time.

Hiking Nature Photo

Selling Print Hike Guides and Trail Maps

If you already hike, you can write about your hikes and creates hike guides. We will post the hike guides on our site and help you sell them. We will help you promote and resell your guides.

of course, if you enjoy writing about your parks and hikes, you can make something that is seen by everyone. You can add to our parks you visited. If some parks or places are not in our current lists, let us know and we will easily add it.

Do You Make or Sell Gear

We can help you sell your hiking gear. No matter whether you might make things at home in your garage, are a small store, or a large retailer. We can either help you advertise your gear, or in the very least case, you can write a guest blog post about what you are doing.

Get Sponsorship and Recognition

Typically, successful groups grow to be large. Once a hiking group is large, the group organizer can get sponsored by various gear retailers (and probably gets lots of different free hiking gear). You can also become recognized within the local or greater hiking world, and that may lead to various exciting possibilities.

Promote Your Outdoor Business

If you have a business that has to do with the outdoors, a great way to promote it is to organize events. You can create a hiking group for your business on our site, and keep in touch with your potential customers. You can organize events which are sponsored by your company, and help spread the world about your projects in a fun way.