How You Can Help

This site was made so that there is a free option to organize hikes and hiking groups. The site makes money with ads, but the ads bring in very little. So to keep adding features to this site and to keep growing it, we ask people just like you to make a donation of any amount that you feel comfortable with and help to support this effort. Here is our paypal donation page. Thank you!

Help Spread The Word

This is the simplest and easiest way you can help. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, or any other social tool or site, just let your friends know about us. Your friends might appreciate it, and we definitely will! :)

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Lead Hikes

If you'd like to lead hikes, we are working on creating free tools to help you have a successful group. Create a group or a single hike and begin to maintain a small community of your own.

If you'd like to write about your hikes, but don't have a blog or a site of your own, and don't want to spend time with those things, just send your articles to us and we'll publish them for you. You can maintain a collection of your hikes on our site for free.

Check Out Some Of Our Products

Based on the experience of creating and running this site, we have created educational business apps that help you plan and start your business. Please take a look at our mobile business apps for iOS and Android. Our apps are also on the reader devices. Here are our Kindle business apps and our NOOK business apps.

Our business books. You can also help by buying our business books. Here is the business idea book and here is our marketing plan book.