Plumas National Forest

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General Information

Plumas National Forest is located in Northern California. If has something for every kind of outdoor enthusiast. Hikers and climbers can scale some peaks and ridges in the area while people who are looking to take it easy can walk along beautiful meadows and experience peaceful nature with beautiful views all around.


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Routes and Trails You Can Travel

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One very nice place to hike and walk around at Plumas National Forest is the Butterfly Valley Botanical Area in Butterfly Valley. There are a number of species of unique plants. The area is a real treat for wildflower lovers throughout the blooming season which starts in late April and early May, and ends about the middle of July.


A popular and very long trail that runs through the forest is the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail actually spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada with about 75 miles of the trail through the Plumas National Forest.

Climate and Weather

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Butterfly Valley Botanical Area has some very unique and amazing flowers under preservation. For a wow-factor, there are even insect-eating plants that can be seen (in action if you are lucky to spot how they work). Many people travel to the forest just to experience the peak blooming season which is gorgeous especially at Butterfly Valley.

Other Plants

There are many plants at the forest. Some of the common non-flowering plants are different types of bushes and brush, oaks and pure red firs.

Camping Possibilities

Camping is a popular activity in the forest. There are a number of different camp sites available throughout different parts of the forest.

One popular camping destination is that Antelope Lake Recreation Area. Antelope Lake is situated at about five thousand feet of elevation. It is a very peaceful and quiet lake where you can really enjoy the quiet of the nature around you. Antelope Lake is located in the north eastern part of the Mt. Hough Ranger District. The lake and the camp sites are in mountainous and largely forested area. This particular camp ground is not open all year. For open times, pricing and availability, please contact Plumas Forest representatives.

Another popular camp site is the Feather River Canyon Recreation Area which is located 32 miles west of Quincy on Hwy 70. Gansner Bar, North Fork, and Queen Lily campgrounds are located on the west branch of the north fork of the Feather River along Caribou Road. Hallstead is located along the Feather River on Hwy 70 just 17 miles west of Quincy.

Other Information

One thing you can do at the forest is go boating and kayaking on the lakes in the area. Boating and kayaking is one very fun attraction of traveling to the forest. It isn't available all year round, so if you are looking for details on availability, please contact forest representatives for more details.


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Group Name: Sacramento Backpacking

Group Description: Sacramento-area based group with a preference for multiple-day excursions into the backcountry.

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Past Hikes

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