Modoc National Forest

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General Information

The Modoc National Forest near Alturas, California is a sanctuary tucked away in Northern California, nearly at the border with Oregon. The forest is very large spanning over 1,600,000 acres. It is a place that is very diverse in nature. Some terrain includes mountains and canyons, pine forests and meadows, lakes, streams, wetlands, lava beds and even desert-like areas.

The forest is located next to the Klamath National Forest, Shasta National Forest, Tule Lake, Lava Beds, South Werner Wilderness, and Goose Lake. It is an amazing part of California that is full of nature and wildlife wonders that spans for thousands and thousands of acres.


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Hiking in the forest can be quite interesting. Thousands of years ago the area was home to erupting volcanoes, and the lava beds from the old volcanoes are still responsible for some rough terrain and very peculiar geological sites.

In general, the terrain is the kind of terrain hikers often love. There are enough hills and ridges to create some steep treks. In addition, the area is heavily forested which provides natural shade in scorching summer months.


Climate and Weather

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The name of the forest comes the Modoc native people that used to live in the area before foreigners came to the area in search of new lands to live, colonize and find gold.

Additionally, a large part of the forest is located in Modoc County which is also named after the Modoc Native People.

Modoc National Forest was established on November 29, 1904. On July 1, 1908 Warner Mountains National Forest was added to Modoc.


The wildlife is extremely diverse and abundant at Modoc Forest. There are hundreds of species of different animals and birds in the area.



The forest is home to many types of trees. Some of the tree species include ponderosa pine, white and red firs, incense cedar, aspen, lodgepole and western white pines.


Other Plants

Camping Possibilities

There is plenty of camping at Modoc National Forest. The popular season for camping is from June through October when most of the camping sites are open. At other times of the year, some of the camp sites are either closed or require a permit. For availability, open times, and rates, contact the forest representatives as they have the most up-to-date information about the availability and status of camping at the forest.

Other Information

In addition to the great wildlife, birding, plant viewing and the gorgeous vistas of the forest, the area is also rich in its geological history.

In addition to hiking, the area offers various other activities. Many of the activities are water-based. There is plenty of fishing, kayaking, and more.

Hunting is allowed in the park, but hikers tend not to think too fondly of hunting.

There is also a well-thought-out network of roads that provide opportunities for scenic driving inside the forest. The drives help expose visitors to the natural beauty and wonders of the forest as well as its history and cultural heritage of the native people that used to call this area their home not that long ago.


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