Shenandoah National Park

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General Information

Shenandoah National Park has over 500 miles of trails for various uses such as biking, hiking and other recreational activities. It is one of the largest preserved lands in Virginia, and is just 75 miles away from Washington DC.


Trailhead Name: Front Royal Trailhead at Shenandoah National Park

Trailhead Description: This is the northern-most entrance into the park from a little town called Front Royal.

Parking is available at this trailhead

Parking spots: 10

Parking cost at the trailhead is unknown

Wheelchair accessibility is unknown

Restrooms available: YES

Trailhead Name: Oldrag Mountain Trailhead

Trailhead Description: This is a trailhead to go around the Oldrag Mountain. The parking is outside the park, in Nethers.

Parking is available at this trailhead

Parking spots: 20

Parking cost at the trailhead is unknown

Wheelchair accessibility is unknown

Restroom availability is unknown

Routes and Trails You Can Travel

Route Name: Hike Along the Dickey Ridge Trail

Route Description: Dickey Ridge Trail is not very long, but it makes a nice 5 mile hike if you go all the way to the end of the trail and back. The trail parallels Skyline Drive, and is almost one huge uphill hike. If you do this hike, make sure you are in good physical condition, and can endure prolonged walks up and down hills.

Distance: 2.86

Total elevation gain: 1395

Total elevation loss: 172

Route Name: Hike Around the Old Rag Mountain

Route Description: This is a long and at times very steep hike. There are a number of possible trails the hike can veer off to, depending on the taste for elevation gain of the hikers. Be well-stocked with supplies on this route, plenty of water, and in very good physical shape.

Distance: 14.41

Total elevation gain: 2329

Total elevation loss: 2181


A very popular and a very difficult hike at Shenandoah is up the Old Rag Mountain. This is a hike with very steep elevation gain and a long hike up the mountain requires a high level of fitness and preparation.

Another very popular route people love at Shenandoah is the Limberlost Trail. This trails was made to accommodate people with mobility disabilities, and more such trails are being planned at the park.


The world-famous Appalachian trail makes its way through Shenandoah for about 101 miles. Overall, there are approximately 500 miles of trails at the park. The trails are very diverse. They range from mountain-top trails with great climbs in elevation to trails that are accessible by anyone, young or old. There are also themed trails like ones that end at waterfalls, historic markers, or simply beautiful overview points.

Climate and Weather

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A fascinating fact about wildlife at the forest is that it is the only place in the entire world where a certain species of Salamander Lizard can be found. The species name is Shenandoah Salamander.




Other Plants

Camping Possibilities

There are many different spots to camp at the park. One of the popular campgrounds is called Mathews Arm Campground. It is very nice for hikers because it is also a trailhead for a number of trails such as the Mathews Art Trail and a few others.

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Group Name: Shenandoah Virginia Area Backpackers

Group Description: This group is for backpackers looking for trail companions in the Central Virginia area. Please suggest hikes and invite friends.

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