Congaree National Park Wilderness

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General Information

The forest has a number of great attractions and opportunities for learning about nature and habitats. It is the largest old-growth floodplain forest. The park is also home to nature and learning exhibit area within the Harry Hampton Visitor Center.

There are many possible recreational activities available at Congaree National Park. Some of these activities are hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and more.


Trailhead Name: Congragee Park Entrance

Trailhead Description: This is the entrance to the park

Parking is available at this trailhead

Parking spots: 50

Parking is free at this trailhead

Access to trail is NOT wheelchair accessible

Restroom availability is unknown

Trailhead Name: Harry Hampton Visitor Center

Trailhead Description: This is the visitor center. You can pick up maps and brochures there as well as see the exhibit about nature and wildlife learning. From here, there is also access to some trails.

Parking is available at this trailhead

Parking spots: 50

Parking cost at the trailhead is unknown

Access to trail is NOT wheelchair accessible

Restroom availability is unknown

Routes and Trails You Can Travel

Route Name: Visitor Center to the River and Back

Route Description: Start at the visitor center, take the Weston Lake Trail to the River Trail and loop back.

Distance: 9.54

Total elevation gain: 33

Total elevation loss: 34


The hiking is very scenic and beautiful. There are many routes and trails you can take along creeks and the Congaree River which runs along the southern part of the park.

The elevation tends to be pretty flat which is a good thing if you come to enjoy the views and nature. If you are looking to hike up mountains, likely this isn't going to satisfy your climbing aspirations.


There are over 20 miles of trails for hiking and other activities throughout the park.

Climate and Weather

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The nature and wildlife at the park are quite diverse. The park organizes various walk and talks to help educate visitors and travelers about the natural wonders of the forest and its many species of wildlife. For official schedule of the walks and talks at the park, please check with the park staff.




Other Plants

Camping Possibilities

Other Information

One popular activities here is canoeing. Canoeing tours and rentals are available most of the time. For exact time, pricing and availability of the canoes, please check with the park authorities.


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Group Name: Carolina Outdoors Society

Group Description: Group Description: Hiking and backpacking in the Carolinas, with occasional excursions to Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. Other outdoor activities like kayaking, zip lining, swimming, etc. are cool too, but hiking is our passion.

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