Boulder Mountain Park

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General Information


Trailhead Name: Anne U White

Trailhead Description: This is a wonderful family hike, near Boulder. We walk up the canyon for a couple of miles, easy climb. It has the fun name "Water-crossing Hike", because you cross the stream about twenty-five times. Nice, very nice, picnic spot at the end. No amenities - but beautiful. I've never seen any bears or lions, but ... Keep your dogs on leash.

Parking is available at this trailhead

Parking spots: 5

Parking is NOT free at this trailhead

Access to trail is NOT wheelchair accessible

Restrooms available: YES

Routes and Trails You Can Travel

Route Name: Anne U White Trail

Route Description: In the canyon, along the stream to the end, where private property starts. I think that I put the route in the right canyon. Route-finding is not an issue. Stay on the trail!

Distance: 0.83

Total elevation gain: 298

Total elevation loss: N/A



Climate and Weather

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You will see many many kinds of birds. In the Spring, be alert for nesting raptors, especially Bald Eagle and Red-tailed Hawk. There will be some trail closures, near the Flatirons, to protect the nesting areas. An alert birder will probably also see Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon.



Other Plants

In Boulder Mountain Park(s), you will encounter Poison Ivy. Learn how to identify it! Especially in Gregory Canyon. There is one patch on the Anne U White trail.

Camping Possibilities

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Hiking or Walking Groups Nearby

Group Name: DiGennaro-Har Family Hiking

Group Description: We take hikes close to Boulder, CO. Sometimes in the foothills, sometimes up in the mountains. Sometimes even in Moab. Family-style. No-one gets dropped. Everyone is happy. We especially like wild-flower hikes.

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Past Hikes

Anne U White | 5.9 km away

Date: Sunday, 6-12-2011

Description: A canyon hike, with lots of shade. Nice when the day is hot. We call it the "Water-crossing Hike", because you cross the stream about twenty-five times (one way). Nice wildflowers and nice sound of running water. Keep your dog on leash, you WILL see rangers. I have not seen bears or lions, but ... A great family hike.