Shasta National Forest

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General Information

The Shasta National Forest is really the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The two forests were joined in 1954.

Many Californians know the area for its namesake Mt. Shasta. The general area is a very popular retreat for camping, as the size and scope of activities in the forest allows for multiple-day fun.

Many people like to come to the area for few days of camping and try out different activities like hiking one day, water-based activities at any one of the many lakes another day, and maybe some mountain climbing, or high-elevation hiking on yet another day - all while relaxing at the campsite and eating marshmallows with family and friends during the evenings.

The forest spans well over a million acres, depending how you count. There are a number of nearby areas that are often attached to Shasta National Forest such as Whiskeytown and Clair Engle Lakes.


We currently do not have any record of trailheads in this park.

Routes and Trails You Can Travel

We currently do not have any record of good routes in this park.


Much of the forest is located at pretty high altitudes with opportunities to hike up a number of hills and ridges that are even much higher in elevation. Be careful if you are not used to exercising in high-elevation environments. People can faint or feel dizzy if they try to do too much and their bodies are not prepared for it.

Also, remember that the higher you go, there will be less people around you that can help you if you get hurt or lost. If you have a GPS unit, make sure the battery life is full. On rigorous hikes, some people also bring along a compass in case the high-tech GPS unit gets damaged or runs out of battery life. Also, try not to use your phone battery for navigation unless you absolutely have to do that, because in case of emergency you may need to use your cell phone to call for help. So make sure your cell phone battery does not run out either.


Climate and Weather

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Camping Possibilities

Camping is a very popular activity at the forest. It makes sense since the forest is in an area surrounded only by relatively small towns, most people have to drive a long way to get to the forest. And if they drive a long way, they might as well stay to camp.

There are many different camp sites throughout the forest. Each camp site has different amenities and vehicle accessibility. For exact and latest rates, availability, and vehicle access, please contact forest representatives as only they have all that information.

Other Information


Since the forest is so big, it is very difficult to explain all the possible parking areas. In general, the forest is very car-friendly since forest officials realize that many people drive with their families from very far away to get to their camp sites, or trails.

Driving Directions

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